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Orthotics also known as orthoses, shoe inserts or foot supports are medical devices designed to reduce or stop pain and to improve the function and efficiency of the foot and body whilst standing, walking and running.

Orthoses can vary a great deal, they range from from simple devices that support the foot arches right through to prescription or tailor made orthoses which are manufactured specifically to an individual’s needs from a plaster mould of their foot. We use only the highest quality orthotics manufacturing processes, laboratories and materials.

Our podiatrists will only use orthotics after thoroughly examining your feet and making a clear diagnosis. If we feel you do not require them we will suggest other treatments or options. 

Common Problems treated with Orthotics

1. Planter Fasciitis

2. Achilles Tendonopathy

3. pain in the big toe or bunions

4. Medial Knee Pain

5. Leg Length Difference

6. Flat or fallen arches or overpronation

If you wish to find out about the benefits of foot orthoses you will need to book in for a biomechical assessment or a consultation with one of our Podiatrists. Following this extensive assessment our podiatrists are able to provide the most suitable orthotic for your needs, along with additional advice on footwear and specific exercises to address any muscle imbalances.

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