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Biomechanics is the study of the movement of the bones, joints and muscles and how they affect our walking, running and standing posture. The assessment is carried out by our Podiatrist who specialises in postural aches, pains and injuries. 

Why would I have a Biomechanical Assessment?

Most people have a biomechanical assessment because they are experiencing pain within the lower limb. This pain can be anywhere from the back down into the feet. You do not have to have a specific sports injury, it may just be pain which is present when walking or doing a specific movement. Occasionally, people attend for biomechanical assessment in an attempt to improve posture or prevent/reduce the risk of injury. 

What is involved in the Biomechanical Assessment?

1) Thorough medical history
2) Examination of presenting complaint
3) Dynamic functional muscle and joint tests
4) Non weightbearing couch examination of the hip, knee, ankle and foot joints, muscle strength and length tested, leg length examined
5) Weightbearing Foot posture and Limb symmetry assessment
6) Gait analysis assessment barefoot and with shoes
7) Preliminary diagnosis and treatment plan

Treatments commonly include the following: 

1. Stretching and strengthening exercises.

2. Specific footwear recommendations.

4. Off-the-shelf orthotics/insoles

5. Prescription / custom made orthotics.

6. Further investigations including x-rays, diagnostic ultra-sound, MRI

7. Onward referral to allied health professionals if deemed necessary.

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