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Toenail reconstruction is a cosmetic procedure. It is used by Podiatrists to build a new toenail using a specialist gel when the original nail is damaged, unsightly or lost following injury, fungus or surgery. The reconstructed nail is flexible, and can be filed and painted exactly the same as you would a natural nail.


How long will the nail last for?

Nail reconstruction is not a permanent solution. The length of time that the nail reconstruction lasts will vary from person to person. It is advised that the nail is removed and/or reapplied after 6-8 weeks. You may return to clinic to have the reconstruction removed with a drill or it can be soaked off at home with acetone.


What happens during Toenail reconstruction?

  • Firstly, the nail is reduced with a file to remove any loose fragments and reduce any thickening.

  • The toenail is cleaned to remove oil and disinfected.

  • A solution is applied to the nail plate to dehydrate the nail, enhancing the bonding of the gel to the nail plate.

  • The podiatrist will then apply the gel in layers, each layer is cured under a UV light. As soon as the desired look and thickness has been achieved the nail is then shaped and buffed smooth.


Who is Toenail surgery suitable for?

Toenail reconstruction is suitable for:

  • Thickened nails

  • Men and women

  • Nail tufts or spikes that have been left after nail surgery

  • Discoloured nails

  • Cracked nails

  • Lifted nails

  • Fungal nails

  • Traumatised nails

  • Psoriatic nails

Please be aware: for those who may have had their entire nail removed permanently (a total nail avulsion), nail reconstruction can be performed however it is unlikely that the nail will last longer than a day. When there is no nail for the resin to adhere to, the resin will be applied to the nail bed (which is skin). Skin naturally secretes oils and sheds constantly, meaning the resin applied cannot bond to skin as it would nail. 


What is the aftercare advice?

To prevent premature lifting of the nail, it is advisable to avoid shoes which are narrow or pointy around the toe area and heels. Creams/lotions should be avoided around the nail, and the extended exposures in water, such as jacuzzi’s or saunas



Wilde-Pedique LCN Nail Reconstruction



An assessment is necessary before undergoing nail reconstruction, to prepare the nail plate, explain the process and give advice on looking after the new nail


Each Nail

Price per each nail that needs reconstruction on top of the assessment cost.


Full set of 10 Nails

For those suffering from systemic conditions or are on medication that affect all 10 toenails.


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