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Children's Podiatry : Welcome

Our Podiatrists frequently advise parents about their children’s foot development.  We are up to date with the latest research about children’s foot and lower limb conditions and this enables us to explain the normal expected milestones in the developing foot and what to expect at each age group. Often only reassurance and postural exercise is required but sometimes specialised Paediatric orthoses or other treatments are indicated. Children regularly present to the clinic with routine conditions such as Verrucae and ingrown toenails

If you are concerned about a foot or postural problem affecting your children our podiatrists can help to reassure you and provide professional expert advice.

Common Conditions which affect Children

1. Sever’s disease (paediatric heel pain)

2. Osgood Schlatters Disease

3. Verrucae and foot warts

4. Ingrowing Toenails 

5. Freibergs Disease

6. In-toeing or out-toeing 

7. Shin Splints 

Children's Podiatry : Text
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